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27.03.2020. Website Restoration Started

What is this website?


This is a fan made restoration of the Norther website. This is not an official page.

Most of the assets belong to the company in the footer. I have just edited them to work once again, and added some new ones where missing.


As you can imagine, many of the links and features no longer work. I have disabled these where needed. Just trying to keep the memory of an awesome band going. Before I recreated this page, Wikipedia links would redirect to SpongeBob games, which I thought was a bit disrespectful.


It's not the latest template?


I have taken the template from the N album era which happens to be my favourite. For downloads & gigs I have used an archive of the latest version. It is a mixture of old and new.



27.03.2020 Website Restoration


No Longer Touring

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